Nothing extraordinary comes without strength.

0.88mm is the exact meeting point of subtlety, fragility and extreme resistance. 
0.88mm is the diameter of the gold thread we use in our creations. 
Like love, rights and life, our jewelry is strong and beautiful, a symbol of values worthy to fight for. 

We are not about meaningless ornament, we are about message. 
We design and craft all our products in France. 
We celebrate the ones that stand for who they are, for their ideas, their lives, their loved ones. 

We believe in la résistance chic


Our Story

Charlotte Björklund

Charlotte is a vigorous and animated Parisian entrepreneur, founder of the consulting company C.Beyond. She brings her fabulous energy into all the projects she’s involved in. She fights for equality, ethics, craft, great work and double espressos. Charlotte is at the origin of Women’s Energy, an extending network of entrepreneur women. 

Philippe Airaud

Philippe is no stranger to high end jewelry brands. Yves Saint-Laurent, Lalique, Kenzo, Swarovski, Calvin Klein, Baccarat, Hugo Boss… to name of few all call on him. While he keeps collaborating with major Houses, he came up with the 0.88 concept. He fights for beauty, perfection, everlasting elegance, strength and simplicity.

Developing a jewel brand with a radical aesthetic and a powerful meaning was an obvious call for Charlotte and Philippe. Together, they push forward this beautiful project that has already drew attention to fashion media.

Handmade jewelry

Our jewels are handmade by our partner Axiome Manufacture. The firm was founded in 2000  in Angoulême  and employs 6 persons. The firm specializes in hand making jewels in yellow gold, pink gold and white gold. Their making process is particularly adapted to 0.88 jewels.
Like our jewels, our packagings are also made in France. Besides, they are entirely made of recycled wood and rubber.